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Money flows in the wrong direction

A quick look at the most influential European growth companies shows that they primarily solve comfort problems of the middle class. From 30 of the most funded European startups, merely two are solving environmental issues.  Read more…

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Bold vision

Great companies have an impact. What’s yours?


Haven't hired a CTO? You’ll need one.


Haven’t closed your first deal? The second you start selling, the second you start learning.

Complementary team

Diversity matters. Think about it from the start.

Fail fast

Make a move. Every mistake is an opportunity to learn.

Data-driven decision making

Fail smart. Utilize data to refine your objectives.

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Karri Kurunmäki - Sales

Karri Kurunmäki - Sales

Co-Founder & VP Sales & Strategy @ Hoxhunt

The earlier you start selling, the faster you start learning.

Tomer Atzmon - Financial Planning

Tomer Atzmon - Financial Planning

Co-Founder & CFO @ boksi

How much do you need to grow to reach the next milestone? What are your relevant financial models?

Henrik Suikkanen - Foresight & Impact

Henrik Suikkanen - Foresight & Impact

Urban Tansformations Lead @ Demos

What is the next big thing? Your future customers, employees, investors and regulators want to see you solving the biggest challenges of our time.

Ilya Degotinsky -  Mobile Technology

Ilya Degotinsky - Mobile Technology

Senior Mobile Developer @ VALA Group

The world is already mobile. Are you?

Tomi Knuuttila -  Web Technology

Tomi Knuuttila - Web Technology

Senior Software Engineer @ VALA Group

It's not about making your product perfect at once - it's about constant increments based on customer feedback.

Varpu Laakkonen - Design

Varpu Laakkonen - Design

Founder @ Kanerva Creative

Your product looks good. Now let's make it look fantastic!

Riku Mattila - Comms & Marketing

Riku Mattila - Comms & Marketing

Communication Strategist @ Miltton

What's your purpose? Let’s create a compelling and meaningful brand story.

Teemu Siitonen - Exit Strategy

Teemu Siitonen - Exit Strategy

Vice President - Corporate Finance @ SEB

At some point startup should to start thinking of monetizing the company value for its shareholders. IPO or exit? Let’s see all the opportunities and choose the correct path for your company.

Otso Laakkonen

Otso Laakkonen

Founder @ Aikainen

Building a succesful company requires many things. Do you know what are the pieces needed in your puzzle? Well, no one can be sure, but let's build our best enlightened guess together.

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