Digital Growth Evaluation - growth through digital channels

Would you like to increase your turnover, but don’t know how? Is your backlog full of tasks to grow sales, but don’t know where to start? Would your team like to unveil the opportunities for growth through digital channels? Map your growth opportunities for increasing sales and receive an action plan through Digital Growth Evaluation

Why Digital Growth Evaluation?

Identify opportunities for growth

Every company
has unidentified sources for growth – through Digital Growth Evaluation we uncover
these opportunities. 

Receive a roadmap for growth

Once the opportunities for growth have been identified a roadmap and implementation plan are created.

Set KPIs

“You are what you measure” and many companies are measuring completely wrong things. Digital Growth Evaluation identifies the most important KPI’s relevant to your unique situation. 

Prioritisation based on effectiveness 

It might be difficult to understand what the most effective methods for growing revenue are. This study generates the prioritized list of the fundamental growth drivers and uncovers the lowest hanging fruits. 

External opinion

Leaders often drift so deep into operational work that the big picture gets lost. We have the perspective from various successful businesses and will help the target company to get the birds eye view from their business.

Tailored solution

Every business is different and we provide a customized growth plan specific to the target company’s situation.

100% satisfaction guarantee

If you feel like you haven’t
received added value from the evaluation you will get a 100% refund

Digital Growth Evaluation always fully implemented on a pre-agreed price starting from


What do our customers say about us?

"In a less than a year we became the most popular consumer legal service in Finland, all without having any traditional sales personnel. Aikainen has been a part of our growth journey from the beginning, and has helped us greatly to identify new innovative revenue channels.."

"With the help of Aikainen we grew from 1 to 12 million in revenue, and 0,1 to 3 million profit a year. Otso has an exceptional vision for identiftying the most relevant growth opportunities."

"We have grown more than 100% every year since our establishment. Aikainen has been a huge help in building one of the most prominent gowth companies."

What Digital Growth Evaluation actually is?

Digital Growth Evaluation is an in-depth analysis of a business. This evaluation analyses current commercial operations of the target company including online presence, digital marketing & sales functions. 

Through interviews and data-analysis current status & desired status descriptions are created. A roadmap and growth plan are generated to transform the business from the current status to the desired future. Relevant KPI’s are chosen to measure the progress of the growth plan.

How Digital Growth Evaluation is done with Aikainen?

1. Current state analysis

Online presence survey
Interviews with owners and key growth players
Business growth objectives
Walkthrough of the current KPI’s
Walkthrough of current sales tools (not included in Concise Evaluation)

2. Data analysis

Gathered data is arranged and digested. The data is analyzed against equivalent  information on industry leaders as well as successful companies from other industries.

3. Deliverables

Current state vs. Desired situation
Prioritized list of the most effective growth drivers for your business
Roadmap plan for implementation
Important KPI’s based on growth objectives to be tracked 

4. Growth

As the target company is implementing the tasks according to the growth plan created, we expect accelerating growth.

When is it recommended to implement Digital Growth Evaluation?

Current growth not fast enough

When a company is not growing as fast as desired, it is beneficial to get a fresh perspective on the current revenue generating functions. There’s always unidentified opportunities for growth and using a critical eye with a proven track record to uncover these opportunities is recommended

New owners or new management

New owners or new management team might struggle in the beginning to really understand the growth drivers of a target company. Digital Growth Evaluation is a quick and high quality method to reach an in-depth understanding of a business.

Negative growth

Plateauing or decreasing revenue is alway an alarming situation. Management team may have inaccurate or even delusional perspectives about the state of the business. In these cases it is vital to make a reality check about the commercial operations of a business through digital growth evaluation.

New products / services 

Launching a new product or service is the best possible moment to start doing correct and effective commercial operations right from the get go

Market disruption

Digitalisation, climate change or a pandemic may change the world order significantly. When the market conditions are changing, old habits may not be as effective anymore. Transformations in the market require refreshed commercial actions.

Currently not utilising digital sales channels effectively

Companies are often relying on traditional sales methods, such as cold calling. There’s nothing wrong with this, however, in case digital sales channels are not utilized, there’s money left on the table. Digital channels are the ones that give the tools for scalable growth.

What are the requirements for a successful Digital Growth Evaluation?

Visibility and accessibility

To be able to dig deep into the target company’s commercial capabilities, visibility and access to all the relevant data and tools are needed

Open communication

The most relevant information is located in the individuals. Thus open communication even about the most painful matters is a must to really benefit from the study.

Willingness to broaden perspective

Often the recommendations formed through digital growth evaluation deviate from the current viewpoint of the management. Open- mindedness is a necessity to benefit from the growth evaluation and get committed to implement the tasks that are created

Finnish or English knowledge

We can try in Spanish as well, but in this case no satisfaction guarantee applied 😉

Concise Evaluation

Preferred by 1 person businesses


•   Current state analysis
•   Desired state analysis
•   Roadmap

100% Satisfaction guarantee
In case you are not satisfied, you get your money back 

Duration: 3 days

General Evaluation

The most popular option


•   Current state analysis
•   Desired state analysis
•   Data & tool evaluation (ads, analytics, Hubspot, Pipedrive etc.)

100% Satisfaction guarantee
In case you are not satisfied, you get your money back 

Duration: 5 days

Deep Evaluation

Commercially advanced businesses


•   Current state analysis
•   Desired state analysis
•   Data & tool evaluation (ads, analytics, Hubspot, Pipedrive etc.)
•   End customer analysis
•   Two day getaway workshop

100% Satisfaction guarantee
In case you are not satisfied, you get your money back 

Duration: 10 days

Who will implement the study?

Otso Laakkonen

Commercial expert - Otso Laakkonen

Otso founded Aikainen and has extensive and high quality experience from Business. He was an entrepreneur at VALA Group – a software automation company that was acquired by stock listed Siili Solutions. Otso is an active startup investor and board professional in various high growth startup companies such as & With an entrepreneurial bacground, various board advisory positions and education from Aalto University, he has a great understanding of creating commercial success. He is able to see the situation of a target company from various perspectives and is able to find the opportunities for growth through digital channels.